Meet Jennifer Bronk from Bronkberry Farms in Plainfield, IL

The Bronkberry Farm Sign on the Barn

In a typically male-led field of work, Jennifer Bronk truly stands out for all of her hard work and dedication in starting Bronkberry Farms.

On this family farm, you can find a 70 x 30 barn, “state of the art” greenhouse boasting quality flowers, and fresh vegetable plants. Jennifer and her husband, Kevin Veen, established Bronkberry Farms back in 2012. However, “The Bronk Farm” has been in her family for 5 generations, growing corn and soybeans.

Jennifer Bronk sitting on top of a tractor

She grew up learning the ropes from her father and grandfather who were farmers. Helping out on the farm became like second nature to Jennifer. Many years later, after traveling to Michigan for apples and vegetables, she decided to turn her family farm into a garden center.

Her and her husband started as a roadside stand with a small greenhouse, a ¼ acre vegetable garden, and a pumpkin patch. Plainfield has always been where the family farm was, so when growing bigger, she knew she had to stay true to the area.

“I love being a part of the community and providing farm fresh veggies to the public,” she says. “Also, being able to see all the faces I’ve known for years and meeting new families.”

As you can imagine, running a farm is not easy. There are many things to take into consideration. Although they are open all year around, the most popular seasons are spring, summer, and fall. During the warmer seasons, you have to think about the weather, “Which you have no control over,” says Jennifer.

During the pandemic, Jennifer realized that her business increased due to being an essential business and offering fresh healthy choices to those in her community.

While visiting Bronkberry Farms, she wants you to feel at ease. “I want to make people feel relaxed, refreshed, and grounded. Alleviate some stress and come to hangout.” Overall, Jennifer wants her farm to be a true destination for the community where you can come and spend time.

For the future of the business, she would like to bring families together and provide a nice outdoor atmosphere. Their open space can be used for events and celebrations.

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a green house filled with flowers and plants   crates of fresh red and yellow cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes   pumpkins

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