National Burger Day - May 28th

There are so many foods to pick from, but nothing can beat a good ol’ burger! This popular American food can be found on the menu at several different restaurants and can be customized in so many ways. You can go to 10 places in your area, order the same kind of burger and still get a different flavor each time.

Around the Heritage Corridor, we have some of the tastiest mouthwatering burgers that you must try at least once. From gourmet burgers down Route 66, to a 1lb juicy patty along the I&M Canal and even title holding burgers in the Starved Rock Area, the options are endless.

Route 66

Starting in Joliet, Burger Theory, focuses on gourmet beef burgers made to perfection with a special blend of certified angus beef chucks, brisket and short ribs served on a potato bun. Further up the road, stop in at Nelly’s Restaurant right on Route 66 for the best tasting burger in the area. Known as “Home of the Best DAM” burgers, beef, hot dogs and more, you’ll leave with a satisfied tummy. 

Burger Theory burger with onion rings  Nelly's in Wilmington burger


I&M Canal Towns

Explore the wonderful town of Lemont and while you’re there you must take a pit stop into Corner Stone Tavern right in the downtown area where the atmosphere is cozy, the people are great, and their burgers choices are one-of-a-kind. Just up the block, you have Nick’s Tavern which has been opened since 1945 and one of Lemont’s favorite gathering places. Known for their famous Nick’s Burger which is a 1lb burger made with love, in fact, it has been named Best Burger along the I&M Canal for 2 straight years. Take a trip to Morris and make sure to stop into Honest Abe’s Tap & Grill. They do a great job paying homage to Illinois’ very own, Abraham Lincoln. Their menu items have unique names relating back to Abe himself and a list of 100% fresh Angus ground beef burgers.

Corner Stone Tavern burger  Honest Abe's burger

Nick's Tavern Burger


Starved Rock Country

In the beautiful Starved Rock Country is Illinois finest craft beer experience known as Tangled Roots Brewing Company, but since we’re not talking about beer right now, you should know under the same roof is their restaurant The Lone Buffalo serving good food and even tastier pub burgers. Next time you’re there, try their Cease & Desist Bacon Burger with 50% ground bacon and 50% ground beef. Just up the road, you have The Red Dog Grill in the Heritage Harbor area where you can enjoy a meal with a beautiful waterfront view. They’ve really thought outside the box with what flavors to take their burger to the next level. Last, but not least you have Lodi Tap House just in the next town over in North Utica. They were awarded WGN Chicago’s Best: Best Burger in 2018 and their flavors do not lie! Come on down and see what makes them so great.

The Lone Buffalo burger Red Dog Grill burger

Lodi Tap House burger

scenes from the Corridor