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Owner Eric Schmidt started to forge his appreciation of beer while managing a college bar. It was his first time stepping outside of the traditional “macro brew” world in order to learn more about different styles and how beers were marketed and arrived at the bars he worked at.

From here, Eric began home-brewing as a hobby. The first batch, an attempt at replicating a popular cranberry lambic, was an epic fail. But as he gained experience in brewing, he gained more of an appreciate of craft beer. And when his friend, Chris, bought Brixie’s in Brookfield and turned it into a craft beer bar, Eric ramped up his interest, knowledge, and excitement in the business of craft beer.

At this time, though, craft beer was a hobby since Eric was working in the not-for-profit and journalism sectors. But opening a “bar” was always something that interested Eric and his wife, Carrie. A 2016 move to the southwest suburbs was the spark that the couple needed to seriously look into the concept that became Orange & Brew.

For a beer geek like Eric, there simply wasn’t a convenient spot to try new draft beers as well as have an amazing selection of fresh beer to take home. All of the great options for this were a twenty minute drive away, sometimes more with Chicago traffic! While there, you’re able to sip a beer in a comfortable and welcoming setting, bring your own food or order in (we have a few food options from local restaurants, as well), and take something home with you. Eric and Carrie hope you’ll be just as enthused to come in as they are to be a part of this community…both the Downers Grove one, and the beer one!

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Beer Releases: February 28 - March 7, 2021
Beer Releases: February 13 - February 19, 2022

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