Old Joliet Prison Park

1125 Collins Street Joliet, IL 60432

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“Get Locked Up… At the Old Joliet Prison.”

The Old Joliet Prison Park is open from dawn to dusk daily and located just outside Old Joliet Prison. You will arrive to a huge steel and barbed wire entry sign that beckons you to enter, unlike any other. There are 8 informational kiosks that provide insight into the prison’s past and its intimate history. During your tour of the prison, you will learn about some of Joliet’s most famous prisoners and the movies that have been filmed here.

If you are looking to take a tour of Old Joliet Prison, make sure to get your tickets at the Joliet Area Historical Museum's web site.

Don’t forget the camera, the ominous prison backdrop makes for some great Instagram worthy shots. The prison park makes for a perfect picnic lunch spot.

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