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The mission of NCI ARTWorks is to inspire growth among artists through artistic collaboration, educational outreach and art space development. NCI ARTWorks promotes quality professionalism and diversity in the arts in a positive manner. It is also our mission to create venues which support public and private education, community events, economic development and cultural tourism.

The Vision of North Central Illinois ARTworks is based on three initiatives, Artistic Collaboration, Educational Outreach, and Arts Space Development. We will foster communication between artists, arts organizations, and arts educators through our regional arts calendar, arts directory, round table discussions, seminars and workshops. We will also serve as a coordinating organization to promote artisitc opportunities for student, schools, and the community, including the development of temporary and permanent facilities for artistic and cultural purposes.

The second public art project to enter the Silo Pathway is an eighty-foot silo in the heart of Mendota, IL. This project will be commissioned by the City of Mendota in cooperation with Northern Partners Cooperative, the owners of the silo. The project will be funded by the city, the Mendota Chamber of Commerce and other commercial and individual donors from the community. This gigantic ear of corn will be sixty-eight feet by twenty feet. It will be painted on thirty-one 10'x4' aluminum panels and attached to the silo facing the southwest. The artwork is the creation of artist Ray Paseka and will be executed and installed by Paseka, his apprentices, and the fabrication team of Westclox Studios Inc. When completed, the amazing artwork will be in clear view from many areas in the center of town. A viewing/photography area will be developed near the Breaking Prairie Museum. Your support of this project is greatly appreciated. The fund drive to raise $50,000 for this project will be kicked off on June 7th. The money raised will pay, not only for the artwork, but for lighting and signage as well. The piece, entitled Mendota Gold, will be designed to promote the city and invite visitors to know Mendota by one of its most famous emblems....the golden ear of corn. Your support of this project is greatly appreciated.


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