Heritage Corridor Ale Trail Beer Releases: Week of October 20, 2023


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New Releases & Old Favorites

Noon Whistle Brewing
Naperville, IL & Lombard, IL

Helles Among Us
Helles Lager

This brand-spanking-new Helles Lager is golden in hue with a crisp effervescence and a mild yet inviting aroma of fresh malt. The initial flavors resonate with bready notes of toasted biscuit, providing a hearty, slightly nutty foundation. As it develops, a delicate hop bitterness emerges, balancing the brew and lending a touch of herbal spiciness. This lager's clean, dry finish leaves a refreshing, subtly sweet aftertaste, making it a well-rounded choice for those who appreciate lagers with character and balance.

RT66 Old School Brewing
Wilmington, IL

Take a Deep Breath
APA - 6.6%

An American Pale Ale that was brewed with Citra hops with a mix of Saaz in the dry hop! Citrus, tropical, and has a very pleasing taste!

RT66 Old School Brewing
Wilmington, IL

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice
Pumpkin Cream Ale - 5.5%

Pumpkin – Spicy – Refreshing

RT66 Old School Brewing
Wilmington, IL

Poison Berry
Fruited Sour - 4.2%

Boysenberry – Juicy – Refreshing

Tangled Roots Brewing Co.
Lockport & Ottawa, IL

Vecna's Curse
Midwest IPA

Dank • Pear • Citron

What is this alternate universe where everything is familiar, yet somehow more terrifying? In this world that is flipped upside down and where a dark cloud covers Ottawa, Illinois, you sip an IPA. ‘Is this Devil’s Paint Box?’, you ask. Not quite. And while it shares some similarities, Vecna’s Curse is more bitter, dank, and all around more sinister. Drink it if you dare.

Brewed with El Dorado, Chinook, Amarillo, and Mosaic Hops.