Will County Triple Crown Challenge

If you are an avid explorer of nature, then look no further. The Will County Triple Crown Challenge is sure to keep you active. Embrace the challenge of hiking the three longest trails in Will County. Hike the 22-mile Wauponesee Glacial Trail, 14 miles of Old Plank Trail in Will County, and 13 miles of the I&M Canal State Trail from McKinley Woods to Brandon Road to earn your Triple Crown.

To complete this challenge, hike all three trails between March 1st and June 30th. Each path can be hiked the entire length at one time or completed in sections during the four-month period. Those who complete the challenge will receive a bottle sling cooler with a zipper pouch made from post-consumer plastic. 

Trails can be logged on the All Trails App. More information on each trail is found on the Triple Crown challenge website. Submission requires a selfie or landscape photo on all three paths. No registration is required.

The Will County Triple Crown Challenge is sponsored by The Nature Foundation of Will County. Please contact (815) 727-8800 for any additional questions