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600 N. Greenwood Spring Valley, IL 61362
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Verucchi’s Ristorante was founded by Battista and Elizabeth Verucchi in the year 1914 and is still family run!

Pavullo, Italy, birthplace of Battista and “Mama” is situated in the heartland of Emilia-Romagna, midway between Florence and Venice. This region is world renowned for its famous Northern foods which include; tortellini, lasagna, polenta, and of course, Pasta of all shapes and sizes. Regional wines include San Giovese and Lambrusco. With Mama’s spirit, cooking abiworld-renowneditality, Verucchi’s began to grow. In 1969, the Venetian Room was built to give more dining space. Mama gave us a more extensive menu featuring a variety of Italian specialties and American dishes.

“Prego! Buon Appetito!” and “Grazie Mille!” The Verucchi Famiglia

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