2024 Flock to the Rock Winter Challenge

The Flock to the Rock Winter Challenge is live! Download the Heritage Corridor app on your phone or tablet to get started.


Once you've downloaded the app, select Passports, and on the next screen, tap the Flock to the Rock. You'll see a list of 100+ Heritage Corridor members for you to visit and a counter of how many you've completed. Scroll to find the location you're at (it's alphabetical!), and tap the name - don't worry about tapping the (+) unless you want to add it to the My Plan section for later.

App main screen with buttons to select a topic
Tap Passports

List of passports in the app
Tap the first option, Flock to the Rock, to access the Challenge

Flock to the Rock passport in the app
Scroll to find your location.
It's alphabetical, except for the first one, the Starved Rock Country Welcome Center - An Illinois Made Gift Shoppe.
This is where you'll pick up your prize at the end, so make it your last stop!

Once you've selected your location, you'll see details like phone number, website, and an option to map the location. When you're on the Objective tab (highlighted in the screenshot below) you'll see a Check-In Now button.

If this is your first time using the app, or if you're not logged in, you'll see a screen asking you to sign up. Sign up with whichever method you'd prefer.

Now that you're registered, try again to check in. If you're not actually at the location, you won't be able to check in.

Tap Check-In Now to record your visit.

Once you've got your first stop logged, take a look around, buy something, have lunch, etc.! When you're finished, head off to your next location.

When you visit fifteen of the 108 possible locations, you'll be able to mark the passport completed and visit the Starved Rock Country Welcome Center at 248 W Canal Street in Utica, IL.

You can choose from a plush eagle toy or a Flock to the Rock knit cap.

Now go and Flock to the Rock!


Scenes from Around the Corridor